Our Mission

To introduce the public to the sport and art of Pole Dance

As Pole Dance has become more and more popular, this sport and art have expanded into many different forms. We at NPJ honor all styles from sensual to athletic to artistic and any combination thereof. We value and welcome diverse bodies, genders and abilities to fly with us. 


02. Provide valuable feedback to artists as they prepare for competition 

Gaining in depth feedback from industry pros is an invaluable tool as these participants prepare to enter the world of Pole competition! As this sport gains momentum it's sight set on the Olympics, competitions have spring up all over the world. 

03. Entertain and delight 

At the end of the day this sport is also an art and dance form. One which is uniquely positioned to both showcase and expand one’s own sense of self confidence, strength, passion and power. We can’t wait to share our vision with you. 

experience the evolution of pole dance

North Pole Jam


About Us

Our Team and home studio

Saturday: Join us for an evening of open performances that include freestyles (performer chosen songs, or songs drawn from a hat), showcase performances, and competition routines.

See this stunning art and sport in action at our performance location Minnsky Theatre! 1517 Central Ave NE Minneapolis. 

North Pole Jam


A two-evening event that offers workshops and a night of entertainment and pole art exhibition.

Friday: Attend workshops that are geared to enhance any performer or competitor’s skills and stage-readiness, or non-pole movement workshops.